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  • Clausius (Pogg.
  • In his Worlds in the Making (1908), an English translation of Das Werden der Welten (1907), he combated the generally accepted doctrine that the universe is tending to what Clausius termed Weirmetod through exhaustion of all sources of heat and motion, and suggested that by virtue of a mechanism which maintains its available energy it is self-renovating, energy being "degraded" in bodies which are in the solar state, but "elevated" or raised to a higher level in bodies which are in the nebular state.
  • Clausius as ordinary professor of physics in the university of Bonn.
  • Clausius and Lord Kelvin on the basis of "Carnot's principle" (1824), modified in expression so as to be consistent with the conservation of energy (see Energetics).
  • Clausius about the same time.

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