Sentence Examples

  • In 1864, having reached the rank of major-general, he made his famous march with 1000 men across the steppes of Turkestan to Chimkent in Khokand, to meet another Russian column from Semipalatinsk, in Siberia, in conjunction with which he successfully stormed Chimkent, and then unsuccessfully attacked Tashkent, 80 miles farther south.
  • Wintering at Chimkent, he captured Tashkent the following year.
  • CHIMKENT, a town of Asiatic Russia, in the province of Syr-darya, 70 m.
  • Chimkent is visited by consumptive patients who wish to try the koumiss cure.
  • In 1863 Russia invaded the Khokand territory, taking in rapid succession the cities of Turkestan, Chimkent and Tashkend.