Sentence Examples

  • Nicole Kidman: Though perhaps the sweetest dress of the night, Kidman's Chanel couture gown drew slight criticism for its airy, almost frothy pink hue, which blended right into her fair skin and seemed to clash with her vibrant red hair.
  • While many of Chanel's products are priced way out of the league of the majority of shoppers, the distinctive eyewear provides a means for ordinary mortals to own a piece of Chanel, and to share in the glamour associated with the brand.
  • Leading haute couture designers such as Christian LaCroix, Emanuel Ungaro and Chanel have also gotten into to the lingerie business, launching their own lingerie lines along with their other various clothing, shoes and accessory lines.
  • Chanel 4155Q: At first blush you may decide that there's nothing all that special about this $469.00 pair of sunglasses, but peer closer and you'll see the fabulous arm quilted pattern that distinguishes it from the all the rest.
  • Chanel's fresh and muted designs are less severe than Prada and more discreet than Dior, making Chanel wallets perfect for the sophisticated and affluent consumer -- and affluent one must be in order to indulge in Chanel luxury.