Sentence Examples

  • Truncatulus harbours the Cercaria of Fasciola hepatica, the liver-fluke, which causes rot in sheep. Ancylus, which occurs in rivers, has a minute limpet-like shell.
  • What determines the origin of the cercaria rather than a new generation of rediae is unknown.
  • The cercaria is just visible to the naked eye and has an oval or discoidal body and usually a long tail of variable form.
  • The cercaria swims freely for a time and either encysts directly on grass or weeds or it enters a second host which may be another mollusc, an insect, crustacean or fish, and then encysts.
  • The further development of the cercaria is dependent on the weed or animal in which it lies being eaten by the final host which is usually a predaceous fish or one of the higher vertebrates.

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