Sentence Examples

  • This last pamphlet brought him into a controversy with Caron de Beaumarchais, who certainly did not get the best of it, but it lost him any chance of literary employment from the government.
  • HENRI LE CARON (whose real name was Thomas Miller Beach) (1841-1894), British secret service agent, was born at Colchester, on the 26th of September 1841.
  • Le Caron, inspired (as all the evidence shows) by genuinely patriotic feeling, from that time till 1889 acted for the British government as a paid military spy.
  • Le Caron was subpoenaed by The Times, and in the witness-box the whole story came out, all the efforts of Sir Charles Russell in cross-examination failing to shake his testimony, or to impair the impression of iron tenacity and absolute truthfulness which his bearing conveyed.
  • Caron, De Saint Louis au Port de Timbouktou; Voyage d'une cannoniere francaise (Paris, 1891); M.