Sentence Examples

  • At last in the winter of 1013-1014, more as it would seem from sheer disgust at their kings cowardice and incompetence than Canute because further resistance was impossible, the English gave up the struggle and acknowledged Sweyn as king.
  • The Danes hailed his son Canute, a lad of eighteen, as king, but many of the English, though they had submitted to a hard-handed conqueror like Sweyn, were not prepared to be handed over like slaves to his untried successor.
  • There was a general rising, the old king was brought over from Normandy, and Canute was driven out for a moment by force of arms. He returned next year witha greater army to hear soon after of IEthelreds death (1016).
  • For a moment the curious phenomenon was seen of Canute reigning in Wessex, while Edmund was making head against him with the aid of the Anglo-Danes of the Five Boroughs and Northumbria.
  • Edmund was so hard hit by this last disaster that he offered to divide the realm with Canute;they met on the isle of Alney near Gloucester, and agreed that the son of ~lthelred should keep Wessex and all the South, London and East Anglia, while the Dane should have Northumbria, the five boroughs and Eadrics Mercian earldom.

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