Sentence Examples

  • The league of Cambrai (I 5o8) was his finest diplomatic achievement.
  • 540), first bishop of Arras and Cambrai, who restored Christianity in northern Gaul.
  • The name of his mother was Jeanne le Franc; she was the daughter of an innkeeper at Cambrai, who afterwards came to reside at Noyon.
  • Whatever Le Bon's offences, his condemnation was to a great extent due to the violent attacks of one of his political enemies, Armand Guffroy; and it is only just to remember that it was owing to his courage that Cambrai was saved from falling.
  • His son, Emile le Bon, published a Histoire de Joseph le Bon et des tribunaux revolutionnaires d'Arras et de Cambrai (2nd ed., 2 vols., Arras, 1864).

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