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  • Their chief towns were Uzentum, Rudiae, Brundisium and Uria.
  • He left for Italy on the 4th of August 57, and on arriving at Brundisium (Brindisi) found that he had been recalled by a law passed by the comitia on the very day of his departure.
  • Leaving his province on the earliest opportunity, he reached Brundisium on the 24th of November, and found civil war inevitable.
  • Thinking it useless to continue the struggle, he sailed to Brundisium, where he remained until the r 2th of August 47, when, after receiving a kind letter from Caesar, he went to Rome.
  • Caesar was soon joined by two legions from Gaul and marched rapidly down the Adriatic coast, overtaking Pompey at Brundisium (Brindisi), but failing to prevent him from embarking with his troops for the East, where the prestige of his name was greatest.

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