Sentence Examples

  • Besides the eldest son Auguste Louis, they had two other children - a son Albert, and a daughter Albertine, who afterwards became the duchesse de Broglie.
  • The short-lived Revue francaise (1828-1830), founded by Guizot, Remusat, De Broglie, and the doctrinaires, was an attempt in this direction.
  • Immediately afterwards the question was brought to a head by an interpellation moved by the duc de Broglie.
  • Duc de Broglie, Le Secret du roi (Paris, 1878); P. A.
  • More moderate members of the government - including Guizot, the duc de Broglie and Casimir-Perier - to hand over the administration to a ministry which, possessing the confidence of the revolutionary Parisians, should be in a better position to save the ministers from their fury.