Sentence Examples

  • Described simultaneously as heavy rockers, dark balladeers and the missing link between blues-based rock and heavy metal, BOC has remained viable over the years and even thrives in many areas of the world.
  • Enduring mythical lyricism peppered with political commentary and an aggressive yet melodic rock beat work together to make BOC tablature a hot commodity for guitar players.
  • BOC formed in 1967 near Long Island, New York with a lineup that included Eric Bloom, Buck Dharma, Allen Lanier, Joe Bouchard, Albert Bouchard and manager Sandy Pearlman.
  • XGuitar: This site features tabs for a small collection of popular BOC songs like Don't Fear the Reaper, Burning for You and Godzilla.
  • With such a storied musical history to draw from, collecting BOC guitar and bass tabs may help improve your skills.