Sentence Examples

  • Newton's solution of the celebrated problems proposed by John Bernoulli and Leibnitz deserves mention among his mathematical works.
  • In June 1696 Bernoulli addressed a letter to the mathematicians of Europe challenging them to solve two problems - (1) to determine the brachistochrone between two given points not in the same vertical line, (2) to determine a curve such that, if a straight line drawn through a fixed point A meet it in two points P 1, P 2, then AP 1 m +AP 2 m will be constant.
  • Six months were allowed by Bernoulli for the solution of the problem, and in the event of none being sent to him he promised to publish his own.
  • Bernoulli adopted the suggestion, and publicly announced the prorogation for the information of those who might not see the Acta Lipsiensia.
  • Solutions were also obtained from Leibnitz and the Marquis de L'Hopital; and, although that of Newton was anonymous, yet Bernoulli recognized the author in his disguise; " tanquam," says he, " ex ungue leonem."

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