Sentence Examples

  • While driving her home Jackson asked if she would take a ride to the Berkshires with him the following day.
  • High), separating the valleys of the Housatonic and Connecticut, are a range of the Berkshires, a part of the Appalachian system, and a continuation of the Green Mountains, of Vermont, and with the Taconic range on the west side of the Housatonic Valley - of which the highest peaks are Greylock, or " Saddleback " (3535 ft.), and Mt Williams (3040 ft.) - in the extreme north-west corner of the state, form the only considerable elevated land.'
  • In the summer and the autumn the weather is commonly fine, and often most beautiful; and especially in the Berkshires a cool, pure and elastic atmosphere prevails, relatively dry, and altogether delightful.
  • This year and for the next ten to twelve, he would have it all, not just a week or two in the Berkshires.
  • It is a breed of mixed blood, and is believed to have originated from the "Big China" pig - a large white hog with sandy spots, taken to Ohio in 1816, and blended with Irish graziers in 1839, and with a breed known as Bayfields, as well as with Berkshires.