Sentence Examples

  • This occurred especially in the last half of the 19th century, largely owing to the abolition of the so-called beni ademprivili.
  • In 1865, however, it was suppressed, and one half of the beni ademprivili was assigned to the state, the other half being given to the communes, with the obligation of compensating those who claimed rights over these lands.
  • BENI-ISRAEL (" Sons of Israel"), a colony of Jews settled on the Malabar coast in Kolaba district, Bombay presidency, chiefly centring in the native state of Janjira.
  • At Beni Ounif and Colomb Bchar, in south-western Algeria, I was informed, in March 1910, that there had been no rain for about three years.
  • From a fresco at Beni-Hasan (c. 1700 B.C.).