Sentence Examples

  • " By those nine treaties," he said, " we have, I hope, dealt with all the questions that are likely to arise between the United States and Canada - questions relating to boundary; questions relating to the disposal and the use of boundary waters; questions relating to the fisheries in the international waters where the two countries adjoin one another; questions relating to the interests which we have in sealing in the Behring Sea, and many other matters."
  • Von Behring completed the sphere of the new study by his discovery of the antitoxins of diphtheria and tetanus.
  • In practical medicine the subsequent results of Behring and his followers have in diphtheria attained a signal therapeutical success.
  • Behring and Kitazato (1890), and by Tizzoni and Cattani.
  • Horsens is the birthplace of the navigator Vitus Bering or Behring (1680), the Arctic explorer.

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