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  • Voltaire, Montesquieu, the Encyclopaedists and the Physiocrats (recurring to the tradition of Bayle and Fontenelle), by dissolving in their analytical crucible all consecrated beliefs and all fixed institutions, brought back into the human society of the 18th century that humanity which had been so rudely eliminated.
  • It occasioned a long-drawn controversy between Pierre Bayle and Le Clerc, the former maintaining, the latter denying, that the Plastic Medium is really favourable to atheism.
  • Bayle (Guiraud), Sauternes.
  • In 1698 he went to Holland, and there became acquainted with Pierre Bayle, P. Jurieu and J.
  • The most important of his works are: Nouvel Essai de logique (1712), Giometrie des lignes et des surfaces rectilignes et circulaires (1712), Traite du beau (1714), Examen du traiti de la liberte de penser d'Antoine Collins (1718), De l'education des enfants (1722, dedicated to the then Princess of Wales), Examen du pyrrhonisme ancien et moderne (1733, an attack chiefly on Bayle), Examen de l'essai de M.

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