Sentence Examples

  • MYAUNGMYA, a district in the Irrawaddy division of lower Burma, formed in 1893 out of a portion of Bassein district, and reconstituted in 1903.
  • In the early part of the next year he commanded an expedition up the Bassein River, in which Bassein was occupied and the Burmese stores seized.
  • This delta, which includes the districts of Bassein, Myaungmya, Thongwa, Henzada, Hantha waddy, Tharrawaddy, Pegu and Rangoon town, consists almost entirely of a rich alluvial deposit, and the whole area, which between Cape Negrais and Elephant Point is 137 m.
  • Other lakes are the Paunglin lake in Minbu district, the Inma lake in Prome, the Tu and Duya in Henzada, the Shahkegyi and the Inyegyi in Bassein, the sacred lake at Ye in Tenasserim, and the Nagamauk, Panzernyaung and Walonbyan in Arakan.
  • The chief seat of the industry is in the Thongwa and Bassein districts, where the income from the leased fisheries on individual streams sometimes amounts to between £6000 and £7000 a year.

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