Sentence Examples

  • To the above numbers may be added io,000 Baluch nomads.
  • The inhabitants are Seistanis or Parsiwans, Baluch nomads and Afghans.
  • The Baluch character is influenced by its environment as much as by its origin, so that it is impossible to select any one section of the general community as affording a satisfactory sample of popular Baluch idiosyncrasies.
  • The Arab type of Baluch extends through the whole country at intervals, and includes all the finest and best of Baluch humanity.
  • Taking the Rind Baluch as the type opposed to the Afridi Pathan, the lialuch is easier to deal with and to control than the Pathan, owing to his tribal organization and his freedom from bigoted Pathan tribes of the Suliman hills are held in check by the occupation of the Zhob valley; whilst the central dominant position at Quetta safeguards the peace and security of Kalat, and of the wildest of the Baluch hills occupied by the Marris and Bugtis, no less than it bars the way to an advance upon India by way of Kandahar.

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