Sentence Examples

  • In all local temples the worship of Aton was instituted.
  • A few years after the reformer's death, the old cults were re-established and the monuments of Aton studiously defaced.
  • Amenophis began his reign in Thebes as an adherent of the traditional faith, but after a few years he abandoned that town and built a new capital for his god Aton 200 m.
  • Amenophis even changed his own name, of which the name of Ammon formed an element, to Akhenaton, the brilliancy of the Aton, and the capital was called Khitaton, The Horizon of the Aton.
  • The new dogmas were known as the Teaching, and their tenets, as revealed in the poems composed in honor of the Aton, breathe the purest and most exalted monotheistic spirit.