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  • II) appear in another light when threatened with captivity by Asshur (Num.
  • Asshur), a Hebrew name, occurring in many passages of the Old Testament, for the land and dominion of Assyria.'
  • The country of Assyria, which in the Assyro-Babylonian literature is known as mat Assur (ki), " land of Assur," took its name from the ancient city of Assur, situated at the 1 The name Assur is not connected with the Asshur of i Chron.ii.
  • 1 The accuracy of these canons can in many cases be checked by the full annals which we now possess of the reigns of many of the kings-as of Asshur-nazir-abal or Assur-nasir-pal (885-860 B.C.), Shalmaneser II.
  • Not quite so successful eventually was the similar enterprise farther north at Asshur [or Assur (q.v.)] on the east margin of Mesopotamia, although we do not know the immediate outcome of the struggle between Asshur and the first Babylonian king, Sumu-abi.

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