Sentence Examples

  • The king mentioned above (Shaushatar) conquered Asshur (Assur), and Assyria remained subordinate to Mitanni till near the middle of the 14th century, when, on the death of Tushratta, it overthrew Mitanni with the help of Alshe, a north Mesopotamian state, the allies dividing the territory between them.
  • Asshur), a Hebrew name, occurring in many passages of the Old Testament, for the land and dominion of Assyria.'
  • The country of Assyria, which in the Assyro-Babylonian literature is known as mat Assur (ki), " land of Assur," took its name from the ancient city of Assur, situated at the 1 The name Assur is not connected with the Asshur of i Chron.ii.
  • 1 The accuracy of these canons can in many cases be checked by the full annals which we now possess of the reigns of many of the kings-as of Asshur-nazir-abal or Assur-nasir-pal (885-860 B.C.), Shalmaneser II.
  • Not quite so successful eventually was the similar enterprise farther north at Asshur [or Assur (q.v.)] on the east margin of Mesopotamia, although we do not know the immediate outcome of the struggle between Asshur and the first Babylonian king, Sumu-abi.