Sentence Examples

  • These are enhancements to your HTTP server that allow programmers to write the code that makes your website talk to databases, handle e-commerce orders, etc. The most popular scripting languages are PHP and ASP.Net.
  • Other ASP.NET hosting features include a multitude of free ASP.NET components, web stats, an impressive email system with AJAX enabled webmail, auto responders and forwarding, and free email components.
  • Several specific ASP.NET hosting plans are offered, and they include a number of great features, such as webmail, a free shopping cart, free site statistics, free site building software, and much more.
  • Components offered include ComponentOne bars and menus, Advanced Intellect components, the ASP.NET ReportView Control, and many more valuable components.
  • The hosting plans are comprehensive, including not only ASP and ASP.NET support, but they also support scripts written in PHP, SSI, CGI, and Perl.