Sentence Examples

  • They are represented as a confederation of five cities (Ashdod, Ascalon [Ashkelon], Ekron, Gath and Gaza) which remained unconquered (Joshua xiii.
  • She represented the principle of fertility and generation; references to her cult at Gebal, Sidon, Ashkelon, in Cyprus at Kition and Paphos, in Sicily at Eryx, in Gaulus, at Carthage, are frequent in the inscriptions and elsewhere.
  • 6, io), and Herodotus describes her temple at Ashkelon as that of the heavenly Aphrodite (i.
  • Libya was wasted, the Hittites pacified, Canaan, Ashkelon (Ascalon), Gezer, Yenoam sacked and plundered: Israel is desolated, his seed is not, Khor (Palestine) has become a widow (without protector) for Egypt.
  • The diminutive cities of this cosmopolitan Palestine were ruled by kings, not necessarily of the native stock; some were appointed - and even anointed - by the Egyptian king, and the small extent of these city-states is obvious from the references to the kings of such near-lying sites as Jerusalem, Gezer, Ashkelon and Lachish.

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