Sentence Examples

  • Whether they offer insights into the thinking and processing of people with ASD or they create amazing work both despite and because of their disorder, these individuals offer inspiration for parents and children on the spectrum.
  • Abnormal openings also form in the upper part of the atrial septum (called sinus venosus ASD) where the superior vena cava and right atrium join, and lower parts of the atrial septum (called primum ASD).
  • Early detection of ASD has resulted in better treatments and interventions to assist toddlers in developing the skills that are frequently compromised by autism and related disorders.
  • It compared school district data to industrial mercury release data, with results showing a statistically significant association between ASD risk and proximity to a mercury source.
  • The toxins build up to harmful levels, which may trigger the symptoms of ASD since studies are finding that higher levels of some toxins are present in individuals on the spectrum.

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