Sentence Examples

  • During his early negotiations with van Artevelde, and his son Lionel, earl of Cambridge, was born there in 1338.
  • Van Artevelde, its chief advocate, was murdered by his own townsmen in this same year.
  • Led by the great demagogue dictator, Jacob van Artevelde, they became the mainstay of the English party in the Netherlands.
  • In it stands a bronze statue of Jacob van Artevelde, by DevigneQuyo, erected in 1863.
  • Workless, and in desperation, they threw themselves on Edwards mercy,, by the advice of a rich citizen of Ghent, Jacob van Artevelde; and their last scruples of loyalty gave way when Edward decided to follow the counsels of Robert of Artois and of Artevelde, and to claim the crown of France.