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  • Another revolt was planned in 720 in which the province of Samaria joined with Hamath and Damascus, with the Phoenician Arpad and Simura, and with Gaza and " Egypt."
  • Compassed the overthrow of the kingdom of Damascus; he also took Arpad (Tel Arfad), an important place three hours to the north of Aleppo.
  • History When Arpad, the semi-mythical founder of the Magyar monarchy, at the end of A.D.
  • Details are wanting, but the traditional decisive battle was fought at Alpar on the Theiss, whereupon the victors pressed on to Orsova, and the conquest was completed by Arpad about the year 906.
  • Arpad died in 907, and his immediate successors, Zsolt (907-947) and Taksony (947-972), are little more than chronological landmarks.

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