Sentence Examples

  • The maiden name of the poet's mother was Mary Arden, and this name, that of an ancient county family, survives in the district north-west of Stratford, the Forest of Arden, though the true forest character is long lost.
  • He was one of the foremost foes of Piers, who had styled him "the black cur of Arden," and with whose death he was closely connected.
  • He now put the Arthurian legends aside fiat a time, and devoted himself to the composition, in 1862, of "Enoch Arden," which, however, did not appear until 1864, and then in a volume which also contained "Sea Dreams," "Aylmer's Field" and, above all, "The Northern Farmer," the first and finest of Tennyson's remarkable studies in dialect_ In April of this year Garibaldi visited Farringford; in February 1865 Tennyson's mother died at Hampstead in her eighty-fifth year; in the ensuing summer he travelled in Germany.
  • In the vicinity are New Hall, an interesting mansion of the 13th century, with a hall of the 16th, used as a boys' school; and Peddimore Hall, a moated mansion of the ancient family of Arden, of which there are slight remains.
  • Several small coal-fields rise through the Red rocks - the largest, between Stafford and Birmingham, forms the famous " Black Country," with Wolverhampton and Dudley as centres, where the manufacture of iron has preserved a historic continuity, for the great Forest of Arden supplied charcoal until the new fuel from the pits took its place.