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  • Returning to Paris in 1838, he refused a proffered chair at the College de France, but in 1848, the oath having been suspended, he resumed his post at the Ecole Polytechnique, and when the oath was reinstituted after the coup d'etat of 1851, Cauchy and Arago were exempted from it.
  • Arago showed that at all angles of incidence the reflected and refracted streams contain equal quantities of polarized light.
  • Arago, 'who summed up the results of a searching series of experiments in the following laws of the interference of polarized light: (r) Under the same conditions in which two streams of common light interfere, two streams polarized at right angles are without mutual influence.
  • Arago in 1811 found that in the case of white light and with moderately thin plates the transmitted light is no longer white but coloured, a variation of brightness but not of tint being produced when the polarizer and analyser being crossed are rotated together, while the rotation of the analyser alone produces a change of colour, which passes through white into the complementary tint.
  • This explanation is incomplete, as it leaves out of account the action of the polarizer and analyser, and it was with the purpose of removing this defect that Fresnel and Arago undertook the investigations mentioned above and thus supplied what was wanting in Young's explanation.

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