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  • 4 " Cependant, pour revenir aux formes ordinaires ou aux Ames materielles, cette duree qu'il leur faut attribuer, a la place de celle qu'on avoit attribuee aux atomes pourroit faire douter si elles ne vont pas de corps en corps; ce qui seroit la metempsychose, a peu pros comme quelques philosophes ont cru la transmission du mouvement hypothesis of monads, and by Nicholas Malebranche; while, in the middle of the r8th century, not only speculative considerations, but a great number of new and interesting observations on the phenomena of generation, led the ingenious Charles Bonnet and A.
  • Morse, The Federalist Party in Massachusetts (Princeton, N.J., 1909); and the biographies and writings of George Cabot, Fisher Ames, Gouverneur Morris, John Jay, Rufus King, Timothy Pickering, Theodore Sedgwick, C. C. Pinckney and J.
  • C. Ord (1867), Alvan C. Gillem (1868) and Irvin McDowell (June-July 1868), and by Gillem (1868-1869) and Adelbert Ames (1869-1870).
  • The Democrats carried the legislature in 1875, and preferred impeachment charges against Governor Adelbert Ames (b.
  • Cardoza was impeached on twelve charges of malfeasance, but was permitted to resign.

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