Sentence Examples

  • All-or-nothing nothing is that little voice that says, "You've already had a bit of cake, so you might as well have the whole cake" or "You've blown it by skipping breakfast and dinner, so let's binge at dinner."
  • If you tell yourself you can never eat cake, candy, fried food, or any of your other favorites again, you're setting yourself up for all-or-nothing thinking, which is a major derailer of any diet.
  • Instead of viewing events and reacting to triggers in an exaggerated, dramatic, all-or-nothing way, cognitive restructuring can help you see events from a calm, logical perspective.
  • This was a risky, 'all-or-nothing' move to be making so early in the band's existence, but one that they were all prepared to take, no matter what sacrifices they had to make.
  • He's an all-or-nothing kind of guy who needs an equal for his mate.