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  • Krencker, Vorbericht der deutschen Aksum Expedition (Berlin, 1906).
  • Kroncker, Vorbericht der deutschen Aksum-Expedition (Berlin, 1906), and Littman's subsequent researches.
  • 'AXUM, or Aksum, an ancient city in the province of Tigre, Abyssinia (14° 7 52" N., 38° 31' 10" E.; altitude, 7226 ft.), 12 M.
  • The name, written Aksm and Aksum in the Sabaean and Ethiopic inscriptions in the place, is found in classical and early Christian writers in the forms of Auxome, Axumis, Axume, &c., the first mention being in the Periplus Maris Erythraei (c. A.D.
  • Muller,3 that the Sabaeans had colonized Abyssinia as early as woo B.C. Other inscriptions copied by Bent at Aksum belong to the 4th century A.D.

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