Sentence Examples

  • Crushed them at Agincourt on the 25th of Agincourt October 1415.
  • Domestic malcontents did not scruple to hint that the king, like his father-in-law before him, had made war on France, not with any hope of renewing the glories of Crecy or Agincourt, still less with any design of helping his allies, but purely to get first grants from his parliament, and then a war indemnity from his enemies.
  • When he had struggled across them, and was half-way to Calais, the enemy beset him in the fields of Agincourt (Oct.
  • He served in the war next year, and was wounded at Agincourt, where he owed his life.
  • At Agincourt he was wounded and captured, and remained a prisoner in England from 1415 to 1420.

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