Sentence Examples

  • The true source of the Adige is in some small lakes on the summit of the Reschen Scheideck Pass (4902 ft.), and it is swollen by several other streams, near Glurns, where the roads over the Ofen and the Stelvio Passes fall in.
  • The Adige has a course of about 220 m., and, after the Po, is the most important river in Italy.
  • 587 the river broke its banks, and the main stream took its present course, but new streams opened repeatedly to the south, until now the Adige and the Po form conjointly one delta.
  • At the present day the frontier between Austria and the kingdom of Italy crosses the Adige about 30 m.
  • Is the Adige, which, after pursuing a parallel course with the Po for a considerable distance, enters the Adriatic by a separate mouth.