Sentence Examples

  • Of the sea fishes of Asia, among the Acanthopterygii, or spinyrayed fishes, the Percidae, or perches, are largely represented; the genus Serranus, which has only one species in Europe, is Fishes.
  • Orders: (a) Acanthopterygii, Abdominales, Subbrachii, Apodes, Lophobranchii, Plectognathi; (b) Sturiones, Selachii, Cyclostomi.
  • Orders: Acanthopterygii, Abdominales, Subbrachii, A podes, Lophobranchii, Plectognathi.
  • Of the principal families, the Acanthopterygii, which are abundant in the hotter parts of India, hardly enter the mountains, two genera only being found, of which one is the peculiar amphibious genus Ophiocephalus.

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