Sentence Examples

  • 2 let ABCD be the beam of a scale-beam, Z the 1.
  • As a simple example, take the case of a light frame, whose bars form the slides of a rhombus ABCD with the diagonal BD, suspended from A and carrying a weight W at C; and let it be required to find the stress in BD.
  • Again, if G be the mass-centre of four particles a, $, 7, situate at the vertices of a tetrahedron ABCD, we find a: ~ :~: tet GBCD: tetUGCDA: tetGDAB: tetGABC, and by suitable determination of the ratios on the left hand we can make G assume any assigned position in space.
  • If a+$+y+~=O, G is at infinity; if a = fi =~ =~, G bisects the lines joining the middle points of opposite edges of the tetrahedron ABCD; if a: ~: 7: = M3CD: z~CDA: ~DAB: L~ABC, G is at the centre of the inscribed sphere.
  • The same holds for the four points B, C, D, E and so on; but since a parabola is uniquely determined by the direction of its axis and by three points on the curve, the successive parabolas ABCD, BCDE, CDEF ...

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