Sentence Examples

  • N l which we can transform into u1 u2 utu3 u2114 un -2u,, -u1+u2-u2+u3-u3+u4- ...
  • Thus we find from (i) that Simpson's second formula, for the case where the top is a parabola (with axis, as before, at right angles to the base) and there are three strips of breadth h, may be replaced by area = 8h(3u i + 2U 1 + 3us).
  • The velocity past the surface of the sphere is dC r sin 0 dy 2U (2r+ a 2) r sin g z U sin e, when r =a; (20) so that the loss of head is (!
  • Putting do dipdp _ Hdt - dt -K, the equations of motion (4), (5), (6) § 24 can be written -2u +2wn - d(x',t))o,...,.

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