Sentence Examples

  • While World Series of Poker will be a powerhouse with its license, it faces stiff competition from World Championship Poker 2 Featuring Howard Lederer and World Poker Tour by 2K Sports.
  • All-Pro Football 2K8: Because Electronic Arts owns the exclusive NFL license, 2K Sports took a different route with their football game, offering over 200 classic players.
  • Formerly known as ESPN Video Games, 2K Sports is now a larger sports video games developer that is comprised of three studios: Visual Concepts, Kush Games and Indie Built.
  • If the hardcourt is more your kind of thing, you'll want to direct your attention toward NBA 2K10 from 2K Sports and Visual Concepts.
  • For example, in NFL 2K, users could see the name of the play they were selecting on the VMU's screen, rather than on the TV screen.

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